"So stick to the cratur' the best thing in nature, for sinkin' your sorrows and raisin' your joys "

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January 6, 2008 - The Meritime Heritage Network has listed Upon a Forgotton Shore as their album of the week. Check them out at http://www.maritimeheritage.net/

July 12, 2007 - We're back from the Northwest Renaissance Fair

March 9, 2007 - Our Summer Schedule has been posted!

January 11, 2007 - We're not dead, Honest!

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The Forgotton Celts are the band that time forgot. The members are mostly lost and wandering through the world looking for nothing in particular but planning on throwing one huge party when they find it. They focus mainly on traditional Irish music with a lot of other traditional tunes from areas located throughout Europe and North America. With a broad selection of music, from Sea Shanty's to traditional ballads, the Forgotton Celts are sure to get your feet tapping and hands clapping.

With over 60,000 mp3 downloads The Forgotton Celts are #5 in total downloads in the Celtic/British Isles genre of CNET's download.com and are constantly rated within the top 5 of that genre's charts. You can also find our CD online at CDBaby.

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