"So stick to the cratur' the best thing in nature, for sinkin' your sorrows and raisin' your joys "


The Forgotton Celts are the band that time forgot. The members are mostly lost and wandering through the world looking for nothing in particular but planning on throwing one huge party when they find it. They focus mainly on traditional Irish music with a lot of other traditional tunes from areas located throughout Europe and North America. With a broad selection of music, from Sea Shanty's to traditional ballads, the Forgotton Celts are sure to get your feet tapping and hands clapping.

Coming from the Pacific Northwest most of the band has been involved or influenced by traditional Irish music up until the band was finaly formed in 2000 by long time friends Charlie, Dave, and Daryl.

Over the course of the next 4 years both Dave and Daryl left the band and Chris, Phil, Ryan, and Heather joined as well as John, a fiddle player, who played with the band for a year in 2004-2005.

Currently the band can be found playing at renaissance fairs, local pubs to Seattle, and sometimes even a street corner or two. At the moment they have two 5 track albums out as well as a new full length CD released in August 2005.

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